Heating, ventilation, cooling
construction, design and maintenance

We have focused on providing a comfortable and good indoor climate and, on the provision of our services, we have been guided by the principle of always to provide complete solutions. The most significant influences of the indoor climate of the building are heating, ventilation, and cooling. It is therefore important that these special parts be designed, selected, installed and tuned correctly. We know how to make it all this function together to ensure energy efficiency and make equipment work seamlessly. Areas of activity are generally divided into design, construction, and maintenance.

We also offer complete solutions

One of our main strengths is that we are not only focusing on securing an indoor climate, but we take it as a whole, and we always provide a complete solution for the customer. One of the strengths of Hevenco OÜ is also our team. Regardless of our young age, we are already sufficiently experienced and have an innovative approach, and we possess the freshness that is essential when wanting to keep up with the developments in our field of activity. Our team has for over 10 years of experience in construction of various building engineering systems.


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